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Destrage – The King is Fat’N’Old(2010)

More melodic, more “core”,  and more shred! “The King is Fat’N’Old” is overall a much more progressive album than its predecessor, 2007’s “Urban Being“. While the older album seemed to cater mainly to the Thrash\Groove Metal crowd, this 2010 release branches out genre-wise, resulting in a really diverse record!

Luckily, the band achieves this without losing their trademark heaviness; guitar player Matteo Di Gioia still got a lot of tricks up his sleeve, which he executes in a hyperactive manner, notably adding a lot of shred to the more faster tracks. Combined at times with top notch “Core” elements, the contrast between these sonic forces is brilliant and reminds me of Ex-All Shall Perish guitarist Chris Storey’s studio work on their second effort, 2008’s “Awaken The Dreamers“.

All this is not to say that “The King is Fat’N’Old” lacks oldschool killer speed or downtuned grooves. It’s all here, intensly packed together with the force & discipline of a Death Metal record, though Destrage constantly diversify their music and therefor can’t really be labeled so easily(initially I wanted to call them “modern metal” but it’s actually an insult when you think about it). Check out the video below to hear Track number 2 – “Twice the Price“:

Had enough pinch harmonics?(; On the lyrical side, these guys still confuse me quite a bit. Considering their intentional nonsensical & abstract style, trying to find meaning in their sentences is a pretty surreal mission, more exhausting than fulfilling. This makes the vocals feel a bit monotonous after a while, and I guess this is the only disadvantage to “The King is Fat’N’Old” .

Things end with the instrumentals “Way Out” and “Back Door Reprisal” which are good but can be seen as overdoing it in the creative sense. I mean, for god’s sake, the entire album is already instrumentally challenging. Well what can you do..In short, this one’s a damn heavy album with tons of guitar chops & pounding drums with double bass! Having just toured Europe with groups like TesseracT, Sybreed and Chimp Spanner, I’m obviously not the only one who thinks Destrage are a sonic success!

Favorite tracks: “Backdoor Epoque”, “Smell You Later Fishy Bitch”, “Collateral pleasure”

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