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Encryptor – All is Continuous

All is Continuous” is the natural continuation of the Djent fad which seems to be going in two directions these days: The original, creative one and the solely technical, I-can-do-it-too attempt by fans of Periphery, who basically write Periphery-worship guitar lines. Sadly, the latter is the case with projects like Encryptor. This album is basically a bunch of okay-ish riffs with some programmed sounds, I don’t even know what else can be said about it. I mean, the guitars aren’t technical than the usual, the mix isn’t impressive, and most noticeable – the musical progression is immature, the band wanting everything, going in all directions, and for that lack of patience not reaching anything substantial really, beyond OCD-inducing experimentation and..breakdowns.

I get the wish to separate Djent and x-“Core” music..but if you want to play a bunch of breakdowns, trying to disguise that as something more sophisticated just won’t work. The only redeeming factor here is the lead\solos on track 5 “Stepping Stones” and 7th track “The Cycle(Stage One)“, where a little feel creeps in on the guitar player. But for the most part, “All is Continuous” is so emotionally sterile it could have been written by a computer.

All this is too bad, especially since the melodic leads on “Stepping Stones” show the band is capable of writing much more intriguing and less one-dimensional music. Maybe they will have a go at that in the future, who knows, I hope they do. But for now, this hyperactive output is really incoherent. I’d give it a pass if it was presented as an amateur project or demo. But the band defines it as a progressive metal album, no less, giving me no choice but to rate it accordingly, no holding back, no giving breaks. Look at the scene around you, Encryptor – the bar is too damn high! I give this one a score of 3/10.


Periphery II: This Time It’s Personal

As we all know, Metal fans love to disagree, the recent most heated discussion revolving around Periphery‘s new album – Periphery II: This Time It’s Personal. As guitarist Misha Mansoor said himself, his band gets a rather polarized response from people, and why do half of people dislike them? Well, as the forerunners of “Djent”, they single-handedly caused a huge wave of copycat bands to appear, many of those playing a very-watered down version of metal, making it easy for oldschool metalheads to bash the whole genre by comparing its popularity to deathcore and claiming it a trend soon to disappear.

Now, back in 2011, I myself wasn’t too impressed with Periphery’s EP – “Icarus”. It contained a lot of awesome riffs, but most of the tracks just didn’t feel like songs – if you checked out that release, you know what I mean.

However..all that changes with Periphery II.

This new album is just a wild, wild step forwards for the guys and will undoubtedly affect the whole Djent scene. I wouldn’t dub it “progressive metal” (though know-it-all Wikipedians have), as it has nothing to do with the likes of Dream Theater, but the band’s own style does progress here, in every sonic sense of the word. Structure, Melody, depth; These have all evolved exponentially. The group’s imitators made a dire mistake by relying entirely on the “off” time signatures style, and Periphery II catches them all totally off guard. The followers have just been outplayed and trampled by their heroes. Have a taste of the album below:

Like the rest of the band, vocalist Spencer Sotelo has also stepped up his game. Some dislike his voice but they cannot claim its whiny anymore. Following the intro track, he excels on “Have a Blast“, which like “Make Total Destroy“, has a real Sikth thing going on – and when that memorable chorus arrives, you just know this release is way different from “Icarus“.

The album is not perfect – with 14 tracks I’m positively sure that’s not possible. Some of the songs drag on for too long and feel similar in structure(too many instrumental C-parts), while the vocal lines sometimes feeling forced and unnatural. However, Periphery II compensates for its flaws by containing tons of amazing material that just grabs you – from the direct melodic approach of “Scarlet“, to the contrasting dissonance of “Luck as contant“, the beautiful chorus in “Erised”, and the incredible intro on 13 mile zero.

Periphery have just changed the rules of the game, and just for doing that they deserve a high rating. It’s not just about having the heaviest downtuned riff anymore, its about the return of quality song writing to math metal & Djent.


An Introduction To Djent

So..I’ve been listening to Born Of Osiris for a few weeks now, and while deathcore isn’t my usual cup of tea, this album has another thing going on: Djent. Meshuggah-worship, some seem to call it, or a certain guitar sound. Others say its just a meaningless attempt at classifying music. Well, The truth is probably somewhere in between, but anyway, why not do a little a research ourselves?

Stumbling onto a site named got-djent.com, I got introduced to an endless amount of djent groups, and I must say some of them are not bad:

The polyrhythmic nature of the rhythm and the thick, distinct guitar sound are the main things that define Djent for me, but other “softer” ideas are also introduced to the genre, like with these Akeldama guys. They bring some emotion to the table and that really caught me off-guard:

Another interesting thing with Djent, is that although it originates in metal, its evolving in different directions. Meshuggah fans themselves say the band’s music puts them in a trance..which is not unlike in..well- psyTRANCE, duh. In this (rather weird) instrumental, your can hear how the difference between Djent and electronic music is growing blurry: =========================================================
To sum it up – As you can hear for yourself, Djent does seem to exist, define it how you will. I can’t imagine myself listening to a whole album in this style of music, but I really enjoy some individual songs. I’ll close this post with my best find so far – Awake, by Textures:

(I listened to this song four times today, just because of the vocals..this guy is something.)