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Nemertines – Bad Blood

With the current unending flood of new Math\Djent metal bands, finding a unique group within this sub-genre can be flat out exhausting. Its takes time, and I keep getting that “more of the same” type of listening experience, but hell, I don’t mean to give up on the search just yet. I believe there’s much untapped potential to be explored in this area of music – and bands like RXYZYXZR are proving that. Today’s post deals with another interesting, yet very different group, which is the experimental act called Nemertines.

This instrumental one-man project has taken Djent, snuffed the life out of its tired and overdone melodic aspirations, and re-infused them as nightmarish dissonance. Its music to scream to – but to no relief, as the listener’s words and thoughts become only echoes inside this harsh, depressing ambiance. However, once the disarray and pain has been caused, a subtle aura of melody will sometimes form beneath the layers of chaos; a dreamy calm surrounded by a cold sonic storm. How does all that actually sounds like? Here’s two tracks off the band’s 2011 album, “Bad Blood“.

In Love : Self-Criticism:

Distressing stuff isn’t it? Personally I find Bad Blood to be refreshing experimental music, but I can also see why this type of morbid experimentation isn’t for everyone. Let me know *your* opinion of it!

Oh, and in case you’re wondering about the disturbing image on the upper right, that’s the artwork for the band’s 2012 effort, “SCD“. To hear it, you can visit Nemertines on Bandcamp. You may also want to try the Facebook fan page, where the artist has posted download links to all of his material.