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Curse of Samsara – Curse of Samsara

Curse of samsara are a new group adhering to the good ol’ code of intricate compositions and riffs, their songs lengthy and raw in sound and meaning. Their self-titled album is filled with heavy goodness and will find warm welcome with old-time metalheads. The question is – are you such one?

If you still have a oldschool bone in your body, this release just might satisfy your quest for quality metal. Classic quiet interludes, soaring solos, and a great vocalist(Anthony Montone) who’s rage is an impressive, persistent & powerful force throught the album with a vocal approach reminiscent of Death‘s Chuck Schulinder.

The first two tracks on this album aren’t bad but it is on “Signs of Evil” that the Deceased\Death vibe really explodes. Gotta love that tremolo picking, the double bass pummeling you as chords echo with melancholy:

To hear the rest of the album head to http://curseofsamsara.bandcamp.com/

The band goes further into this melancholic labyrinth with “Grave Hill/Depositum”, clean guitar shrouding the agression in more sweet darkness. Once again the riffs and general mix really throw you back in time.

To say Curse of Samsara bring innovation to the table would be a bit nonsensical but their music *is* refreshing in that it is free of the issues of modern metal(to name a few: meaningless vocal delivery, sterile guitar sound, forced compositions etc). They represent an opposing force and they do that very well. Some bands claim to own and implement a thing called “true metal”, and if that label truly has any meaning, Curse of Samsara are the real ones to posses it.


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