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An Introduction To: Tourniquet

Tourniquet. this band existed for a long time – since 89′ to be exact, but I don’t remember ever seeing or hearing their name anywhere – that is, up until a month ago. They play a unique mix of progressive and thrash metal, with neo-classical influences. Drummer Ted Kirkpatrick formed the band and has been it’s main composer throughout the years. This post is an introduction to the group, who’s discography contains no less than 8 albums(!).

The first Tourniquet track that grabbed me was “Besprinkled in scarlet horror”, off 2000’s Microscopic View Of A Telescopic Realm. It’s structure is very interesting – First you have that memorable main riff and the aggressive vocals, getting you hooked up on the song. Then, the more complex and unorthodox ideas pour in. The awesome transition between styles often makes me think “I can’t believe they just did that!”. It’s that cool.

This next track is an instrumental from the same album. The whole song is quite good, but jump to 3:38 for the truly genius part. I don’t think I’ve ever heard this kind of instrument combination utilized in such an amazing way.

I’ll close this post with “Ark Of Suffering”. This old MTV clip was recorded by the original 89′ lineup, way before the prog influences kicked in. It deals with animal rights\abuse from a religious perspective, and while I’m not religious, I find the lyrics(and title) excellently tell an ever-relevant message that needs to be heard.

┬áDon’t you see in their eyes how they trust us
But man in his sin turns that trust into horrible pain


Underrated Thrash Metal Attack ! Discreate, Blistered Earth and Devastation

After seeing this video of Discreate‘s “We All Suffer”, I searched for more info on the band, but didn’t find much(not even lyrics). Looks like they disbanded after their first album, “Absent of Light”. This song is really good- the hardcore feel, in-your-face thrash riffs, and mind boggling solo are all played with a frantic sense of timing.. not to mention, few bands in the genre can blend harsh and clean vocals like this. clocking at only 2:54, this awesome track will easily make thrash metal fans click the repeat button!

Originally, I thought to do a post just on Discreate, but why not include more awesome bands if we’re at it?

Blistered Earth are another pretty much unknown band which I immediately liked, and I think they’re better than many new wave retro groups. This stuff has a more oldschool 80’s vibe, if you like that sort of thing.

Our final thrash metal gem for today is Devastation‘s “Idolatry”, with its excellent, heavy sound both in guitars and vocals. These guys like their thrash with a hint of death metal and some lead guitar, making them sound a bit like Death.