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An Introduction To Djent

So..I’ve been listening to Born Of Osiris for a few weeks now, and while deathcore isn’t my usual cup of tea, this album has another thing going on: Djent. Meshuggah-worship, some seem to call it, or a certain guitar sound. Others say its just a meaningless attempt at classifying music. Well, The truth is probably somewhere in between, but anyway, why not do a little a research ourselves?

Stumbling onto a site named, I got introduced to an endless amount of djent groups, and I must say some of them are not bad:

The polyrhythmic nature of the rhythm and the thick, distinct guitar sound are the main things that define Djent for me, but other “softer” ideas are also introduced to the genre, like with these Akeldama guys. They bring some emotion to the table and that really caught me off-guard:

Another interesting thing with Djent, is that although it originates in metal, its evolving in different directions. Meshuggah fans themselves say the band’s music puts them in a trance..which is not unlike in..well- psyTRANCE, duh. In this (rather weird) instrumental, your can hear how the difference between Djent and electronic music is growing blurry: =========================================================
To sum it up – As you can hear for yourself, Djent does seem to exist, define it how you will. I can’t imagine myself listening to a whole album in this style of music, but I really enjoy some individual songs. I’ll close this post with my best find so far – Awake, by Textures:

(I listened to this song four times today, just because of the vocals..this guy is something.)


Born Of Osiris – The New Reign & The New Album

Born of Osiris are a bit of a surprise for me. Hearing the band’s name usually made me think of a thousand horrible xcore copycat bands(I only liked ASP), but turns out that’s a bit far from truth. While core bands usually water down the genre into a somewhat simplified form, these guys re-infuse our senses with technical riffs, cool song structures and even melodies. I decided to first check their earlier material – The New Reign. This album’s sound is similar to The Faceless on the awesome “Akeldama”, But certainly has only death metal hints in it, relying more on the core-ish side of things. That means the breakdown thing is everywhere, but it is always played in style; technical, proggy, or laid upon some epic lead\ synth pad – and these almost never repeat themselves.  Also, no song drags on beyond more than 2-3 three minutes, which might be too short for some people, But i think it helps to define this album and differentiate BOO from other bands. They found a formula that works for them, which you can sum up as smart but pure head-banging fun – and they don’t stray from that path. This, however, changes much on the new album – for the good and the bad:

The Discovery opens up with the promising & incredibly epic “Follow The Signs“, which actually has Meshuggah-esque riff going on. You can feel right away that you’re dealing with a different kinda beast, now merging the  style of The New Reign with a fresh & broader approach regarding melodies on guitars and synth\keys. The result is this “spacy” and grandoise feel that is introduced in every song, on the intro or chorus etc. This is done very tastefully at first, so when a certain atmoshpere is formed it will merge with the other instruments, and not drag on unnecessarily or mean no headbanging. the pop-like synth line on “Singularity” surprisingly works well alongside the guitars, and so does the electronic-like lead on “Recreate“.  BUT , from the 6th track this gets quite experimental, with toy-like sounding keys really taking over the song at times. Melodies really get center stage, while electronic loops & clean vocals start creeping in too. Oh man..The weirdest part is probably on “dissimulation”, where you get this sort of..Irish dancing music thing going on !? I’m too weirded out to explain..

Born of osiris dive into some kind of musical exploration thing with The Discovery , and you can find here everything from melodic riffs to noodling solos, some blastbeats and even one or two quiet songs. Well, of course you can, there are 15 songs on this album! 15. Not joking! with the last one clocking at 5:50 minutes. Needless to say, this album is very different from The New Reign. I’m not against long songs or experimental metal, but I prefer the style of the old album: smart ,yet to the point. This might have something to do with my personal taste, as I am somewhat of an oldschool guy. Still, I respect the band, and some songs here are great,  So You should check The Discovery as it might be your thing. The New Reign is certainly awesome.