Beyond Creation stream new track off their upcoming album – “Earthborn Evolution”

Creatively speaking, to breath new life  into the  progressive DM genre is not an easy task, especially with these recent years’ excessive outpour in everything “tech”. Everyone wants to shred and let’s be frank, by itself that’s not a very original idea anymore. But Beyond Creation do something a bit different on the title track of “Earthborn Evolution“, offering you this atmospheric, rich sound that charms one in a way both familiar and strange. And that strange  spacious otherworldly feeling you get from this sonic experience feels authentic, fitting well with the album’s artwork below – that depicts a futuristic landscape in a style perhaps influenced by the works of the late H.R Giger.

eeath born
Stream the song here through Decibel

Sound-wise the main intention here, at least with this track, seems to be the creation of an enigmatic coherence – and not merciless chaos; To be heavy but not overbearing; To channel the essence of genres like prog, DM and maybe also post-metal to some extent but to transcend the built-in traps and flaws these sub-genres contain. To be “post” in the sense of directing yourself towards freedom and away from definition; just listen to this track and try to define it – There’s no use really. It’s both grandiose yet low-key. What the hell.
The flexible sound described is best represented by that fretless tasty bass sound all prog fans love hearing on a record.

In short, the song is a statement, it shows a lot of promise and I’m betting “Earthborn Evolution” will be a great album. I could be wrong  , who knows, but the potential is definitely here. So stick around and follow these guys – I feel like they’re about to teach their surrounding scene a lesson on what extreme progressive music is all about. The album comes out in 4 Days and you can get it here!


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