Exivious – Liminal

If you enjoy Cynic‘s beautiful & mind-boggling music, the instrumental work of Exivious just might be for you. With two of the band’s ex-guitarists playing in the group on their new album “Liminal“, you are guaranteed to get the exact sort of jazz\fusion wild melodic leads that you’ve come to expect, and more.

Although the obligatory reference to Cynic, do bear in mind that this is no death metal territory. To the contrary; Exivious are all about creating spacious, otherworldly soundscapes whose energy is never that of anger, the band continuously traveling through energetic momentums that carry them in a very organic manner through human emotions, unviolently.

I think this very “un-violence” matter is the key to interpreting the abstract listening experience you get on “Liminal“. While the chords and lead guitar are often distorted with high gain as with most rock\metal, it can be confusing to see phrasing and scales which are very “natural” in meaning, I. E expressing human emotion but not falling into emotional traps, not treating emotions as absolute truth. More bluntly put, the music might for example, trigger melancholic feelings in a certain person, but by itself, does not sound melancholic at all. How odd, right? and how interesting.

Even without going into any such philosophical depths at all, though, I think you’ll find this album to be a calming, enriching experience that will remind you what music can be. Each time I listen to groups like Cynic, Exist or Exivious, it makes a lot of what we call “the music scene” suddenly look pale in comparison, and even a bit obsolete. I don’t think it’s obsolete, I’m just glad groups like Exivious are here to give us such bright contrast and color, and must say these are hard to take your eyes off of (well, more like ears). A good release, no doubt about it. 8/10


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