Exhumed – Necrocracy

Released just this month, “Necrocracy” could just be Exhumed‘s most polished release to date, the band sounding uber-focused with a production so heavy it makes your “best of 2013” list of albums suddenly pale in comparison. but this DM effort is not just about blunt force, it is also a crowd pleaser, offering a combination of oldschool & a bit of melodeath modernity, while at its core retaining a very punk\hardcore approach.

This makes for a very cool formula that alternates between – and sticks together – classic and more extreme rhythmic guitar\drum patterns. Now add to those the awesome,raw vocal duo of Matt Harvey and Bud Burke, and you got yourself one killer opener titled “Coins Upon the Eyes“.

If you check out the track above you’ll understand my mention of melodeath, ’cause this song, intentionally or not, channels The Black Dahlia Murder like crazy! But while the guys in TBDM seem to nowadays repeat themselves into oblivion, Exhumed keep things diverse, as evident on this track. Their music is heavy, but has a fun factor to it; It’s like with each song, the guys sat down and brainstormed: “is this a fun listen? How can we make this track explode?”. Then they answered it within the track’s context. It’s all about keeping things dynamic, avoiding redundancy and repetition.

I can’t say whether any track here is bad, but some like “Coins Upon The eyes” and 4th track “Dysmorphic” really shine. “Dysmorphic” is less about speed – it’s more anthemic, bringing to mind the Bloodbath classic “Eaten“. However, I actually think this track is better than “Eaten” since it’s more dynamic structure-wise and in terms of the vocals, which have such strength about them! I just can’t stress this enough – one of the best harsh vocals I’ve heard in metal.

On “Dysmorphic“, as on some of the other tracks, we also get to see Exhumed add more melody to their riff-attack. This play on melody and structure reminds me of last year’s “Phantom Antichrist” by Kreator. While the two bands are obviously different – they both utilized melodeth-esque elements to give their tracklists a boost here and there, and the effect is impressive.

I won’t go over each and every song but among the stronger bunch are “The Shape Of Deaths To Come“, the solo-filled title track “Necrocracy“, “Carrion Call” and the bonus track “Chewed Up, Spit Out“, with the latter featuring these most realistic pig squeals – I mean – is that a real pig? it cracks me up every time I get to this piece – and that’s what this release’s all about – really brutal, but also fun, heavy material that will have you headbanging right away. I will say I kinda wish the lyrics were better – since at this point I find the whole gore thing to be more than tired – but 90% of “Necrocracy” is just plain awesome; With so much content and so much effort put into the album, you just can’t give it anything less than a stellar 9/10 !

The rest of the tracks can be found at http://exhumed.bandcamp.com/album/necrocracy


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