Gorguts – From Wisdom To Hate

Following the previous review of a Canadian hardcore classic, today we take a look at a more extreme output from the Canadian scene. Disbanded in 2005, 2013 shows the return of one of Canada’s best metal groups to date – the ever-technical Gorguts. With their upcoming album “Colored Sands” about to be released on august 30, I figured this would be a good time to review the band’s previous effort from 2001- “From Wisdom To Hate“.

To those who don’t know Gorguts at all, one could say their music, at least on this album, is reminding of Death and Nile; but only to some extent, as these guys have clearly come up with a strong songwriting formula of their own. everything on this recording, from the shifting in pacing\time signatures to the instrumental techniques is created different and obscure, making “From Wisdom To Hate” a distinct, memorable listen.

Not made just for the sake of being intricate, on this album the band takes their previous highly discordant complexities(“Obscura“) and mold them into more easier to understand sound & structure. First track “Inverted” is actually a very good example of this, the guys playing a safe card of sorts. It’s a classic oldschool anti-christian piece filled with blastbeats that is attacks clearly and directly.

Following this track however is where the real insane, more heavily syncopated stuff begins. Second song “Behave Through Mythos” changes rhythm, slowing down and speeding up in repeating cycles, perhaps to exemplify the lyrics’ subject: man’s highs and lows in his delusion with the deities he’s invented. The surreal motions this song goes through make “Inverted” look like a simple opener, and end with a demonstration of Gorguts’ more plodding, scattered and ambient type riffage, which you hear more of as the album progresses.

At third, the title track shows a full transition from the straightfoward “Inverted” to an all-out proggy, twisting and turning enigmatic style, its melodic movements slowly encircling you into hypnosis, the faster riffs now taking secondary importance. This one and next track “The Quest for Equilibrium” are also lyrically excellent, taking on the mindset of a king that knows only ultimate merciless power & rule achieved through pain and terror; very “death metal” stuff.

With its serpentine nature and atmosphere of ancient ages long gone, the wicked melody on the title track below represents, for me, the vibe of this entire album; hard hitting but brimming with subtle undertones, the notes constantly being revealed and concealed within each other, giving you an ominous feeling that devious things lie hidden beneath the surface.

On “The Quest for Equilibrium” the music suddenly drops all speed entirely, giving in to this total plodding echoing doom, slowly dragging you down into in a dismal labyrinth. “From Wisdom To Hate” is just like that – very varied and unexpected. It seems the further you go in the tracklist, the more the band’s different structural\musical themes merge together into one entity, the synthesis deepening until the very end, with the final tracks showing a very morbid Gorguts, that is atmospherically heavy to the point of being mentally burdening. Surely far from what you’d call an easy listen, “From wisdom to Hate” is more of a grower, a release to appreciate through numerous replays that features some of the most unique guitar playing and drums in metal, and one beast of a vocalist. 8.5\10


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