Darkall Slaves – Abysses of Seclusion

Bree Bree Bree! Wait what was that? I meant to say, “hey there ya’ll, metal folks!” How you doin’ ? ‘Say, don’t we all need a break from heavy music from time to time? yeah well, today’s post is actually about the opposite feeling. That wicked urge for the most vicious and violent assault on the ears, complete with battering blastbeats, inhuman guttural vocals and hellish, convulsing, churning guitars that speed and chug with awesome power and a sinister atmosphere. Darkall Slaves‘ “Abysess of Seclusion” is a short dose of Death Metal fit for just that need, offering non-comprising brutality of the US kind.

Abysses..” consists of three tracks only, the guys first just starting their engines with a horror-esque type of intro – then lunching into a delicious riff onslaught(“Mindless Damnation“), stopping only for some palm-muted breaks with screaming pinch harmonics – though darkall slaves are more about speed than slams. This track is so chaotic that without lyrics in front of me, I really can’t tell if anything here resembles a verse or a chorus. It’s just an excellent burst of energy burning it’s way through you, which is pretty much how an extreme metal listening experience should feel like. This crazy shit is well executed.

Third track here is the title track “Abysess of Seclusion“, offering us again quality riffs with a lot of variation. Like with most killer DM, the drummer is creating half the rampage, his beatdown of changing patterns followed by the guitars – and the vocals, by being indecipherable, play an instrumental role as well. It’s some very solid, high adrenaline DM; I only wish these guys would’ve recorded a longer effort!

Released just last month, you can check out this CD below:


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