Encryptor – All is Continuous

All is Continuous” is the natural continuation of the Djent fad which seems to be going in two directions these days: The original, creative one and the solely technical, I-can-do-it-too attempt by fans of Periphery, who basically write Periphery-worship guitar lines. Sadly, the latter is the case with projects like Encryptor. This album is basically a bunch of okay-ish riffs with some programmed sounds, I don’t even know what else can be said about it. I mean, the guitars aren’t technical than the usual, the mix isn’t impressive, and most noticeable – the musical progression is immature, the band wanting everything, going in all directions, and for that lack of patience not reaching anything substantial really, beyond OCD-inducing experimentation and..breakdowns.

I get the wish to separate Djent and x-“Core” music..but if you want to play a bunch of breakdowns, trying to disguise that as something more sophisticated just won’t work. The only redeeming factor here is the lead\solos on track 5 “Stepping Stones” and 7th track “The Cycle(Stage One)“, where a little feel creeps in on the guitar player. But for the most part, “All is Continuous” is so emotionally sterile it could have been written by a computer.

All this is too bad, especially since the melodic leads on “Stepping Stones” show the band is capable of writing much more intriguing and less one-dimensional music. Maybe they will have a go at that in the future, who knows, I hope they do. But for now, this hyperactive output is really incoherent. I’d give it a pass if it was presented as an amateur project or demo. But the band defines it as a progressive metal album, no less, giving me no choice but to rate it accordingly, no holding back, no giving breaks. Look at the scene around you, Encryptor – the bar is too damn high! I give this one a score of 3/10.


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