High Priest of Saturn – High Priest of Saturn(2013, LP)

Having already written about Norway’s High Priest of Saturn last year, I was glad to hear they are releasing a new LP. undoubtedly, the guys’ music has been warmly welcomed by the Stoner\Psychedelic scene since that 2012 post, and though this new self-titled release contains only 2 new songs(seriously, what’s up with that?), I just cannot let this one go by me without a review of sorts. Learn why after the jump.

The two old pre-existing tracks, “Crawling King Snake” and “The Protean Towers” have had a constant place in my playlist for months now, and accompanied me as a soundtrack in good and bad times(fitting the latter more, I guess). These seem to have been re-recorded on this new album, and though at first listen I prefer the older minimalistic mixes, the sabbath-influenced enigmatic atmosphere is still here….I tell you, it’s freakin’ therapeutic, no less.

Time to talk about the new music on this release. Riff-wise, it seems HPoS are having a hard time to stay refreshing on the new piece “Mayda Insula“. Though when speakin’ about this kind of subgenre, you could say the guitar playing is kind of restricted in terms of innovation. Luckily, vocalist Merethe Heggset’s voice being this eternally soothing ghostly caress changes everything for the better the moment she enters the song.

The other piece crafted for this LP, “Kraken Mare“, starts with quite a ceremonial, even tribal dark undertone, the guitar player fretting the “evil” notes for once. A slight but noticeable departure in style that brings to mind King Diamond and the now trending Ghost, this eerie track is the odd one on the album, and the most interesting on it – for me at least. I recommend you give it listen below, and look forward to hear new material from these guys! This album’s score is an above-average-but-wanted-it-to-be-more-awesome, definite 7/10.


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