Resonaut – Sky Burial(2013)

Bury yourself in the sky and “replace the suffering with peace” with Resonaut‘s doomy, droning 70’s rock\metal stripped of modern sensibilities. This is oldschool worship brought into new bleak light, similar in style to the work of High Priest of Saturn. Records of this genre tend to have intentional repetition and a similar tone all throughout but in the case of 2013’s “Sky Burial” this issue is non-existing since we are talking about a 2 tracks only ride. So basically, you have no excuse not to listen to this EP !

The strength of this sabbath-ish inspired music seems to always be that recognizable contrast between brooding guitars and the human voice, simple as that, with an approach of “less is more”. A pretty minimalistic concept that gives the vocals huge importance, and luckily, Resonaut‘s singer does a great job on the title track, with vocals that are clean but a little hoarse, in the right amount.

The second and last track is  “Tower of Silence“. Again, good riffs filled with an air of old times. The lyrics are quite interesting and have to do with esoteric religions, making the whole atmosphere fit very well with this album’s beautiful artwork(see below). Mid-song, the listened is given some long moments of tranquility, as the band prepares a buildup leading to a real “classic” heavy metal ending. This is how you close an album.

Sky Burial” is solid all throughout its 18 minutes, and is recommended for fans of Stoner\70’s rock. On a personal note – I’m damn glad to see this type of music is still been created.

the album’s artwork

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