Soreption – Deterioration of Minds

Recorded in 2010 by Sweden’s Soreption, “Deterioration of Minds” merges together elements of brutal and technical DM, bringing to the table a superior sense of rhythm and razor-sharp precision that will appeal to fans of bands such as Cannibal Corpse, Suffocation, Dying fetus and The Faceless.

The violent expression on this record is not just brilliantly syncopated, but aesthetically crystal clear, from the vicious but polished guitar tone to the drums and vocals. Speaking of the latter, frontman Fredrik Söderberg’s  vocal abilities are very organic-sounding – a deep but not unintelligible guttural low with a demonic quality à la Mikael Akerfeldt. The guy totally adds to the music, and has quite intense lyrics in his arsenal. He does a hell of a job following the frequent, frantic changes in the continuous chaos that is “Deterioration of Minds“.

A crucial thing is of course keeping order in the chaos, and that the band does well. You will not find unnecessary shredding here with most songs not passing the 4 minute mark. However, the album does contain tasteful, Necrophagist-esque solos here and there! Like in “Breeding Exile“, where Soreption‘s pulverizing grooves are joined by flawless melodies mid-song. The result is pretty amazing.

As I mentioned, there’s not much filler material on “Deterioration of Minds”, but some tracks seem to really rise above others, having these insane hooks and start-stop moments that are instantly memorable. This is especially true for “Breeding Exile”, “Deterioration of minds“(title track) and “By venom entitled“. Seriously, Soreption offer the best DM I’ve heard in a huge while, and I think well-known extreme metal groups should take notice ’cause these guys just might outdo them with their upcoming album to be released in early 2013, “Engineering The Void“.



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