Now, Now – Threads

Now, Now are an Indie band from Minneapolis, USA. They play calm guitar-driven music that some would label as Shoegaze or dreamy pop rock, and if you are into these subgenres you should definitely check them out as they represent them well. Although I’m a huge fan of all things heavy, I find this music to be a pleasant & even necessary break from the noise generated in our life and in our minds.

Many of us drug ourselves that way or the other, or have an alternate reality that we reach out to in order to escape from a certain feeling, see things differently, etc – and some music can also achieve this effect. Such is the case with Now, Now‘s release, “Threads”, specifically the track “Wolf” – a song that induces both elation and melancholy in the listener. It’s been a while since I’ve enjoyed this type of music and I hope you’ll feel the same about the song.

The trio aren’t teens anymore but Now, Now‘s lyrics seem very adolescent in nature, possessing both the magic and confusion of early youth – a certain kind of awareness that you can call a blessing or an entrapment, where the bigger picture can’t really be seen for what it “really is” until you’re older(theoretically). In effect, The band’s words have a certain ambiguous simplicity to them that’s obviously crystal clear and meaningful to the writer – but when this meaning tries reaching out to the reader, it is mostly misunderstood..and isn’t that just what being a young person is all about? The lyrics give us only a glimpse into the world of the writer, who’s telling us just a tiny part of her story, and for that reason it is both flawed and enchanting.

Limited or not, the artistic expression on “Threads” is realized impressively, using a lot of organic-sounding creative honesty. We’re talkin’ mainly just guitar lines, drums and subtle keys that together drag the listener inside, into a daze of combined emotions. It’s like someone you just met takes your hand and leads you away, to where, you don’t know; It’s an invitation, a promise of sorts – of infatuation and pain, of excitement and melancholy, and the very thought of it is too addictive for you to ignore.

As you can hear on “Wolf” and the rest of the tracks here, the band’s formula works much due to Vocalist/Guitarist Cacie Dalager’s beautiful voice, which is accompanied at times by the rest of the trio. Music and even lyrics aside, in the end, it is her dreamy performance that makes this album what it is. Fittingly, I’ll close this post with her own words on this sweet, comforting record:

“It’s about balance, in a way. It’s not about literal(…) threads, but threads connecting things…and just, like, how fragile those feel, little tiny things connecting everything, and how easily that can just be..completely destroyed.”

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