Destrage – Urban Being(2007)

Italy’s Destrage use a groove-oriented thrash metal rhythm as backbone to their music on “Urban Being“, but only in order to set the scene for a more progressive use of their instruments, achieving a brilliant result that crushes the borders of sub-genres as well as the band’s competition. They render the traditional mediocre and surpass it, musically reaching a higher ground.

First worth mentioning is guitar player Matteo Di Gioia, who’s brimming with talent and bursting with ideas on this release. His riffs & choice of chords seem to always have a twist to them – a hint of shred, a dissonant chord – these always utilized in a tasteful manner. The guy’s obviously influenced by Pantera‘s Dimebag Darrel, but he has a trademark sound & style of his own. Combine his guitar acrobatics with the rest of the band and you got one explosive effort!

“Urban Being” starts with the tracks “Trash For Sale” and “Art For Free”, and just by comparing between these two titles you can tell this album doesn’t hail modern society, and is all about mocking it. Though saying art’s for free is not automatically a negative statement eh? Food for thought, but more to the point – these two songs are just a blast, and while initially sounding solely aggressive, the band also has a knack for powerful, addictive melodies.

As you can hear, Vocalist Paolo Colavolpe’s raspyvoice is excellent for Destrage’s style – The guy also does some fine cleans and the variation is welcome. Next up we have more competent metal in the form of “Self ID Generator” and “The H Factor“, and at number 5, “Joker The Fast” shows the band seriously raising the level of intensity and speed. This track’s structure is pure chaos, making it perhaps the best one on this release.

The truth is every song on “Urban Being” has been throughly thought-out, planned and executed, the only visible flaw being the lyrics. The guys obviously had a lot to say but it seems to me like their message got a bit lost in translation. Sonically speaking it doesn’t matter, but seems like a weird choice considering these guys’ general uncompromising artistic approach. Don’t let that stop you from giving this impressive effort a listen since it is one hardcore ride! Destrage have since released newer material on 2010’s “The King Is Fat’N’Old”, and I’ll be sure to check out what they have been up to!

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2 thoughts on “Destrage – Urban Being(2007)”

  1. Nice review! And make sure to check out their second album, “the king is fat’n’old”, in my opinion it’s way better than this one!


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