Logic Mess – Elements Of The Grid

Logic Mess are from Poland, a now regular exporter of high quality progressive metal, and this fact instantly creates higher expectations regarding their musical output on “Elements Of The Grid“. The guys definitely have the skills to prove themselves in that context, but while their attempt can be technically impressive, the overall result is kind of underwhelming.

The album opens very slowly with a rather lengthy, cheesy narration part(revisited later), and while not immediately annoying this low-key vibe does seem to linger on for way too long. I kept expecting a burst of modern metal aggression to slap me in the face, but when such did arrive it did not appear as a returning verse or chorus, but as a C part,usually followed by the guys slowing down the tempo again.

Things did sound better on “Guardians Of Integration“, where changing tempo finally seemed to play a good, even integral element; each time the riffs\moods replaced each other, the tempo also took new form. Sounds plain technical but by separating the different parts of a song uniquely like this, the moments in between become convincing & memorable. An impressive tool, but sadly it’s left unused on most of this release. What we do have is another lethargic piece titled “Recall of a Memory” that ends in..narration. I thought we were over with that but obviously I was wrong.

Systematic Cube” arrives with a rocking riff, finally showing us the guys can kick into higher gear. The track works well, making this is a good time to mention singer Krzyzstof, whose voice reminds me of Blind Guardian‘s Hansi Kürsch quite a bit(though lacking his powerful vocal delivery). The album is soon at an end, and we have yet another song with a lot of reverberating clean guitar playin’ in the form of “Over The Giant Wall“.

It seems like most of “Elements Of The Grid” offers slow-building preparations without balancing these with an equal amount of intensity. I was looking forward to enjoying this release and must say I’m perplexed looking at many of the creative choices these guys took, mainly the continuous revisiting of anemic ballad-like rhythms and ideas. Oh and of course those narration parts that border on being intentionally ridiculous. The music here certainly cannot be called “bad” per se, but if you crave sonic aggression when looking for fresh prog metal, you’ll have a hard time finding such on this record.



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