Vision Divine – Destination Set To Nowhere

Destination Set To Nowhere” is a power/prog metal album filled with catchy guitar riffs and tasteful shred wizardry, but there’s much more to it than that. First of all, you should know this effort features Fabio Lione on Vocals, and let me tell you, the guy hasn’t shined like he does here ever since old Rhapsody‘s “Symphony of Enchanted Lands”. As a whole, however, Vision Divine are much heavier than Rhapsody, leaning more towards straightforward metal that’s devoid of folk influences. Read on to learn more about the music, and specifically the story told on this album.

It is understandable not to take a power metal concept album seriously in 2012, but the concept on “Destination Set to Nowhere” had me immediately intrigued since it uses a science fiction idea as a solution to modern world problems(and face it, we aren’t short on those). First track “The Dream Maker” is about someone who decides to leave earth, calling others, promising them and us a better future far away from here. Pretty awesome track with some very convincing keyboard work during the main riff. I’m in, when are we taking off?

The album has plenty of Alessio Lucatti‘s space-ish keyboard leads – they’re are not always around, but often appear just in time to give the song an epic push. The guys also know when to stop soaring & slow down, letting Fabio enter his “ballad” mode. This may sound cheesy but works great on “Beyond The Sun and Far Away, where the hope of finding a new world merges with the saddening loss of leaving earth. Complex emotions in metal? what the hell!? Indeed – The lyrics on here are well-written.

Enter the awesome intro of “The Ark“, and we have now left our solar system! beam me up scotty. This track reflects the frantic yet awesome nature of searching for a new home\planet in a “never-ending night”. It is also where guitarist Olaf Thorsen truly excels. Most his riffs are steel solid and this track features an especially infectious one, circulating, like the ship, lost in space..

With 11 tracks this journey is long but worth it – the instrumentation is fantastic and the concept is very well executed with the ship’s crew eventually reaching a new home, but also a that’s not as optimistic as you might think. Even this perfect planet, this “House of Angels“(track 8) is not enough when the faced with the human race’s destructive behavior. Is it in our nature to eventually destroy our surrounding and ourselves?

Destination Set to Nowhere” might seem to suggest so in its very title, and for that reason I was expecting it to end in a violent answer. But after all the drama, it closes on a peaceful note, leaving us with air to breath and space to contemplate what we learned from this journey as we look into the unknown ahead of us. Hey, we’re still here on earth, and maybe we still have a choice. This album is pure excellent power metal !


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