Suntorn – The Will To Power

San Diego’s Suntorn play a brutal blend of Grind\Slam\DM with a gory guttural sound. It’s all about having a heavy, chunky rhythm section with this type of music, but what makes “The Will To Power” indeed powerful is the guys’ clear intention to refresh the formula with impressive flexibility. They achieve this purpose in a very organic, often surprising and even misleading ways, leaving you in brutal disarray. Oh man, I already wrote “brutal” twice (;

The album starts with intro “Dawn Of The Sons” and “3911”, providing us with riffs that aren’t just heavy, but reverberate & resonate with malevolence, feeling huge and encompassing. However, the title track “The Will To Power” is where Suntorn go all out, the rhythm section flexing and moving with determination like the muscles of a beast, as vocalist Peter Sliwinski roars & screams over the riffage with unbelievable range and force.

As you can hear, this violent effort owns much of its success to drummer T-Rex(yes you read that right). Rex changes tempo & style regularly and in quick succession, coming up with many varied patters that leave you damn impressed. His kit sounds punchy but alive, like the rest of the mix, with the snare resembling a huge dog’s bark at certain moments. Who is this talented guy, and could he really be a dinosaur?

Following a short break named “Equanimity“, the second half of this release returns in full filthy force, bellowing & thundering down on the listener. I won’t go over all the tracks but know that they are all solid and more importantly, a fun listen. Suntorn batter and pummel you with unending power, but also recognize when it’s time to change gears and avoid bland repetition. In short, these sons of the sun know how its done!

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