My Sleeping Karma – Soma

My Sleeping Karma – a now recognized, world touring spiritual force in music, have released a new album named “Soma”. Last year I discussed this band’s excellent 2010 release “Tri”and listening to this fresh effort, I get the feelin’ MSK went for a a calmer approach with this one. Just looking at the beautiful artwork emits a peaceful yet dark obscurity.

Fitting with the imagery, the music is serene, bordering on being sad but not going there all the way. The slow meditative hypnotic guitar lines are here again, only this time they seem to have left the light to search meaning in nocturnal isolation. Darkness is just the other side of light, and they co-exist naturally. If “Tri” was Yang, “Soma” is Ying.

The album is divided in a curious way, a short interlude preceding every track except for the first one, “Pachylada”. Although separated, these flow into each other feeling like a one long piece that demonstrates the band’s trademark fluidity. The guys have a method and technique for composition and are sticking with it for the good and the bad. The good is this 100% My Sleeping Karma. The bad? “Soma” feels a bit like a road already taken.

Looking at the band’s previous releases, they bravely left traditional rock music behind, taking the listener into a different world entirely; A miraculous place, a place to connect – to each other, to our feelings and to what you can call spirit, nature, the universe or god. It is only human to expect this new release to dig even deeper into that otherworldly beauty..but is that even possible? or is it just a fantasic illusion..?

“Soma” will not change music forever for me like “Satya” and “Tri” did. However, it will be a soundtrack fitting the world you decide to create for yourself\others and what you choose to feel and be..if there’s a choice at all that is.


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