Sylencer – A Lethal Dose Of Truth

Sylencer are a new, promising metal project comprised of Markus Johansson(vocals\guitars), Johnny Rox(Bass) and Kevin Talley on drums, featuring many guest performers such as Andy Larocque(King Diamond), Brendon Small(Dethklok), Jordan Rudess(Dream Theater) and famous shred wizard Michael Angelo Batio.

The guys have just released a seriously long-ass retro thrash\heavy metal album titled  “A Lethal Dose Of Truth”, which contains an impressive quantity of songs -we’re talking about 16 tracks! The band obviously had an ambitious, not to say “true” metal vision when they entered the recording studio. let’s go over things and find it out if they managed to pull it off!

The album starts with two good songs – “Day By Day” & “Eternal”, both hard hitting yet so oldschool they approach the cheese barrier. Pretty cool stuff – “Eternal” being the better track with a riff resembling a certain game soundtrack. Listen and you’ll know what I’m talking about:

Check the group’s Bandcamp page to hear the entire album online.

Listening to “A Lethal Dose Of Truth” you’ll notice Johansson’s vocals remind you of Metallica‘s James Hetfield. I really liked that on the short run, but it gets tiring after a while – Oh well, at least he doesn’t do them redneck “yeah yeah’s”. Sylencer is not a exactly a Metallica copycat, playing with much more melody and variation but they are indeed retro in every sense of the word.

“Permanent Heartbreak” and “Dead To the World” both have melodic, memorable choruses, but things start sounding less nostalgic and more recycled by track 10, and if your a prog-head like me it’s the sonic equivalent of watching paint dry. Luckily the last tracks save the day, offering some variation in style.

I like to think of “A Lethal Dose Of Truth”is a part guilty pleasure part decent album. It’s long as hell, repeats a lot of of metal cliche`s & ideas, but contains that oldschool free spirit feeling the genre used to be all about. For innovation look elsewhere, you’ve heard all this before; But if you still find yourself singing along to songs like “Master Of Puppets”, congrats, you will dig this album.


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