Sybreed – God Is An Automaton

On “God Is An Automaton”, Switzerland’s Industrial\Groove Metal band Sybreed combine industrial aesthetics with Djent-y Groove elements, creating an album that hits you with A. Harsh vocals & excellently broken rhythms and B. melodic & catchy choruses. This is not your popular combination often rightfully dismissed by metal fans, but a unique one that works great due to the ever-present industrial vibe, a dark sonic aura covering the rhythmic parts and giving them the needed meaning most Djent\Core and Industrial music lacks.

Sybreed‘s atmosphere is just good. Homogeneous yet with enough vocal and instrumental variation to evade the traps of bland repetition. Vocalist Benjamin Nominet does a brilliant job, his growls and cleans alternately channeling both blackened\gothic industrial\EBM and pure metal. It should be mentioned that while these guys are considered industrial, they keep the electronic elements mostly in the background, coloring or empowering the music without entirely taking over.

With 12 groove-based tracks my say is you are bound to hit a bit of a creative wall and quality > quantity but the numerous tracks on “God Is An Automaton” are diverse enough, serving as options to choose, so no harm done. At the end of the day, while this album has a lot to do with synocpation, it’s more melodic than most modern metal releases and can teach many a djent band how to successfully fuse together polyrhythms, melody and electronic music.


Fave Tracks: “Posthuman Manifesto“, “Destruction and Bliss“, “The Line Of Least Resistance” and the BM influenced “Into The Blackest Light“.

Sybreed’s Bandcamp page


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