Mortillery – Murder Death Kill

Time to take a break from everything prog and get ready for some real oldschool thrash metal punishment in the form of “Murder Death Kill” by Canada’s Mortillery. Lots of quality metal bands hail from the northern country, and this one definitely belongs in the bunch. Although the simplistic violent title suggests the music might lack creativity, it’s actually quite the opposite, containing enough variation in the rhythm section(which is basically the whole point of thrash) to keep the listener interested.

For a genre that intentionally doesn’t aim at innovation, the music here is fairly good, but Mortillery‘s main asset is their female vocalist, Cara McCutchen. Her voice is harsh but not dynamic. She brings pure convincing energy into every song in the spirit of oldschool metal\punk, not unlike Municipal Waste, but with a more impressive, awesome Harsh-Melodic-Harsh vocal exhange that brings to mind 3 Inches of Blood’s “Advance and Vanquish“. Good to see more women and vocalists in metal!

Overall the guys pull it off better than most – check out their song “Despised by Blood” below:

I usually dislike the whole retro-thrash wave thing but Mortillery managed to catch me off guard and change my mind a bit with “Murder Death Kill“. It’s an all out sonic attack meant to be heard live! Canadian metalheads should be damn proud and support their scene!

Mortilley’s Facebook page

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