Lustre – They Awoke to the Scent of Spring

A one man post-BM project named Lustre has recently caught my interest, which means a lot as I’m usually not much of a fan of this now trending subgenre. The band’s short release, “They Awoke to the Scent of Spring” is comprised of 4 untitled tracks, starting with “Part I”. This piece is a slow gradual journey that just grabs you with its hypnotic melancholy, like an old memory, so painful yet beckoning dive into that darkness and just lose yourself in it. But this track is not entirely bleak, eventually casting beams of light on the shadows in a manner almost hard to believe; it leaves you perplexed. Is this change real,  or is it a dream? There’s something very nocturnal, peaceful yet saddening about this track:

Part II” continues in a similar fashion – a slow, resounding atmosphere, only this time the negative BM feel seems to take a step back, and a folk-like natural vibe takes over. This piece doesn’t seem to go anywhere musically, which I guess is typical and even expected in this genre, but feels like a letdown comparing to the shapeshifting previous part. Part three takes us further away from heavy music -a calm serene melody that creates a sense of dark wonderment for the listener, but by the last track, you actually find yourself outside the traditional definition of music itself, the notes only serving as passing auras in the rain.

Summing up a release like They Awoke to the Scent of Spring is not easy. It seems as if this release’s purpose is just to exist, and at that is excels, but while these eternally static compositions may satisfy their composer, the listener always yearns for change & development. Sadly only one track on this album features this kind of sonic shift..and here I am, reminded again why I dislike post-BM. Damn it! I really wanted to get into this genre for once, I swear!


 Lustre’s FB Page


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