Polarization – Chasing The Light

I’ve recently found about Polarization on Angry Metal Guy, and must say I’m blown away by the instrumental groups’s talent and the way they utilize it to create not just a great riffs, but a fantastic, melody-filled atmosphere!

To understand the band’s approach to melody and composition, you can safely forget all your ideas regarding djent. “Chasing The Light” has zero extreme metal\metalcore aspirations. The music here aims to reach a higher musical plane, and when it does succeed to arrive at its destination, rising from this flawed genre is something very different and real, an unparalleled gem.

Meshuggah gave birth to djent with coldly calculated rhythms, and its followers, headed by Periphery, tried to infuse it with impressive technicality. But technicality can only get you so far! Taking this path, somewhere along the way many modern metal bands fell into a coma-like unemotional state, both sound-wise and musically. And even if they intended to go on that path, it eventually became a limiting cage, choking the meaning out of their music.

Breaking out of this pattern, Polarization wakes you up and sets you free, spreading a certain energy, emotion and power thought lost; Not the negative kind that demonstrates destruction, but a never ending melody that creates & instills feelings of strength, hope and god forbid, happiness within the listener. All instruments are used to achieve that, by building a soothing aura that feels dream-like & relaxing, yet equally heavy. Sounds too good to be true? have a listen:

I’ve waited a long time hoping for an incredible band like Polarization to emerge, and finally we’re here. “Periphery II” may have beat and outdid the subgenre, but “Chasing The Light” transcends it entirely. What an inspiring album.


The Band’s FB Page


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