High Spirits – Another Night

Could High Spirits become your favorite new heavy metal band? This oldschool bunch sounds so 80’s-like, you won’t believe their album “Another Night” was released just last year! But while bands like Steel Panther take the retro path to its most ridiculous conclusion, High Spirits prove that heavy metal can still be taken seriously. Their music accurately achieves that distinct, classic & addictive 80’s feel using simple, catchy riffs and leads within some truly memorable songs that will get you singing along in no time(and humming afterwards, to your and others’ embarrassment).

Of course, “Another Night” wouldn’t be the successful album it is without vocalist Chris Black, who gives a stellar performance on this release. His voice isn’t the most powerful out there, but feels very lighthearted, fitting this album’s general vibe.  He and the band excel especially on the title track and on  “Do You Remember“, both easily the best songs on the album. The combination of unpolished production and classic chord progression induces a very nostalgic feeling, so familiar yet refreshing. – a must listen really.

Full Power” is another High Spirits hit, but following it the band seems to be at a bit of struggle to maintain their catchy flow.  The next tracks, like “Demons at the door” show them losing a bit of their originality and edge plus succumbing to some mediocre choruses.

Luckily, High Spirits return with full power(pun unintended) on “Where Did I Go Wrong“, making things right again.  The voice doubling really works for vocalist Black on “Another Night“, and I kinda wish the guys had used more of that recording technique in the studio. Still, the album’s flaws are in a way part of its magic, and putting them aside you will find this one to be a real gem.

If you still have a bit of that non-cynical, old heavy metal pride in you, this hard rocking release will remind you why you love the genre!


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