Katatonia Unveil New Track – “Dead Letters”

Katatonia have just released a new track from their upcoming album “Dead End Kings”, and let me tell you – whether you enjoy doom metal or not, you’re in for a treat with this one. I’m usually not a huge fan of the Swedish group’s current modern style, preferring their heavier, older days, but the song below has succeeded in changing my opinion rather swiftly. I’m surprised and actually stoked to hear this new release, and here’s why – this is “Dead Letters“:

Did I just hear prog metal ? The song shows a beautiful, natural evolution in the band’s sound and musical progression. This new direction gives off lots of Opeth vibes, but retains the familiar melancholic atmosphere Katatonia fans know and love. Jonas’ voice is sublime as always, as are his abstract lyrics and the unique melodic phrasing style in which those are expressed.

Regarding the video itself – I think it works great, especially at 1:50, when all that darkness suddenly builds up with immense power…of course, only to fall back into paralyzing weakness. A “confined escape“, as Renske sings, is what this one’s all about.

Dead End Kings” will be released on August 28th(North America). In case you can’t wait that long, pre-order it here.


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