The Lion’s Daughter – Shame On Us All

Have you heard of Missouri’s The Lion’s Daughter? I’ve written about this trio a few months back, after hearing their impressive EP, “And Their Masters Bled For Days“. Having enjoyed their music, you can imagine I was pretty excited to hear from Vocalist\Guitarist Rick Giordano about the band’s fresh new upcoming full length, “Shame On Us All”, which was released just two days ago! 

As one could guess from the dark & obscure cover art on the right(again done by artist Coby Ellison), this release is oldschool to the bone, yet much darker and sludgier than its predecessor – A fiery black hole of an abyss, this is what “Shame Us All” sounds like.

Eaters of The Sun” starts the album with a whirlwind of sinister resounding chords, reigned upon by Giordano’s hellish texture of vocals. The whole thing holds you within its grasp with brooding doom, and soon enough it does plunge into a heavy plodding section, the riffs digging slower but deeper into the song’s surface, while eerie leads accompany them like voices in a sonic eulogy.

On track three, things become more darker and dissonant, the low notes played in fast tremolo, until another even slower break arrives to drowns us all in despair; check it out below:

I won’t go over each song, but know that “Shame On Us All” maintains this evil-sounding, oldschool vibe all throughout the album, the only so-called “relief” from heaviness being the intriguing intro “The Signal Was Lost”, an end-of-the-world prophetic piece with a disturbing & powerful atmosphere.

In a sense, the album is a natural continuation of “And Their Masters Bled For Days“; a wider soundscape that allows The Lion’s Daughter to further explore their DM\BM\Sludge hybrid subgenre. Successfully executing this style full scale is harder than on an EP, and while some tracks here do feel “samey” due to their similarities, the album as a whole does not fall into the trap of being bland. I’m really glad I found about these guys and if you feel the same you should definitely follow them on Facebook or check out their Bandcamp page.


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