Dying Fetus – Reign Supreme

The kings of US Brutal Death Metal have once again prepared us a monster of a record with a title that holds much promise. Sure, I prefer their early material, but have still waited for this one like a kid on christmas eve. Well, the waiting is over! Does “Reign Supreme” live up to its name?(pun intended) time to find the fuck out!

Dying Fetus clearly went for an oldschool vibe with this release. You can tell that straight from the onset, thanx to the immediate beatdown of riffs, which’s style indeed shows a return to the band’s hardcore roots. However, the first track – “Invert The Idols” – also starts with DF’s trademark berserk leadwork, that goes wilder than ever on this record. Both this technique and tremolo picking play a larger and quite unmelodic role in this album(not to say, nonsensical), which I personally dislike – but that is just a small weak point for this release.

The bigger flaw of Reign Supreme has more to do with the common, stagnant problem of (un)originality in modern extreme metal. The group cannot really be blamed for this as they play within the genre’s boundries, and these, let’s admit, are quite limiting – There’s only so much you can do in BDM! as a fan, a part of me really wants to slap myself in the face for saying that, but luckily the album does pick up on the quality on track 5, meaning I can instead headbang! phew..

Womb to Waste” starts with a terrifically sick intro, bringing back my faith in Death Metal:

“Its not my fault I’m pregnant and I love drugs. Who cares. Fuck the baby, let it die.”

Well, fuck *me*! I am finally reminded why extreme music is not just noise, but an expression that relates to reality, its conviction and force unmatched. This track is awesome and I’m actually curious about the lyrics. Next up is the frantic “Dissidence“, and boys and gals, it seems the second half of this album destroys its first part, and well, destroys in general! Who would have guessed?

The latter portion of “Reign Supreme” is pure ol’ Dying Fetus brutal goodness, with each song being better and more refreshing than the one before. Is the day saved? yes and no. I still think DM is a bit stuck in a rut, but must admit this release is stronger than I initially thought, and will probably receive a warm welcome from fans after all!


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