Vexxus – Binary Reflection

Vexxus are a rather new US groove\thrash act. They have a good rhythm section and some Phil Anselmo worship going on, all which successfully managed to catch my attention and make a good first impression. You might be asking yourself: does the world really need another thrash metal band? But thanx to Vexxus’ groove tendencies, as you can hear in “Skies Roll Back“, they don’t exactly fit with the recent trend of (mostly)tired retro thrash. Its a cool track which left me wanting more, and so the only question left is: did the rest of the album live up to my expectations?

First things first, me addressing the singer’s vocal approach as “Anselmo worship” is a bit problematic. I’m pretty sure about the imitation thing but a comparison between the two guys does not do good to Vexxus’ vocalist. Forget about it and it won’t bother you. However, regarding the music itself, I must say Binary Reflection is a bit inconsistent. The riffs first draw you in using a great sense of groove and rhythm, but these qualities do not remain for long and are thinned out and watered down gradually .

These guys are clearly good at what they do and because of that, I get the feeling this album was simply recorded and released way too quickly. They didn’t wait for more good material like “Amram” and “I am Crisis” to naturally surface, and so the following tracks feel a bit like fillers with B-quality riffs. Getting this vibe, I continued to listen with a pretty pessimistic mindset, but the band did surprise me with the clean guitar playing in the ballad “The Last“(which is not the last song, by the way, pun intended).

Overall I am a bit disappointed with Binary Reflection, and pretty sure it could have been a better album. I also really hope Pantera’s legacy is not just chugging away at open strings, since this album has a lot of that going on. Still, some tracks here are awesome and refreshing, meaning would I love to hear Vexxus churn out new material with higher production values. If you enjoyed the music you can follow them on Facebook.


One thought on “Vexxus – Binary Reflection”

  1. I’ve seen Vexxus live 4 times. These guys know how to put on a show. The bassist and lead guitarist are charismatic as hell. The energy and intensity are refreshing. Watching the finger work is , dare I say it, Jam Band worthy. They know how to Melt Faces. These guys are not a gimmick. Vexxus is the Real Deal. The album does not do them justice when it comes to their Raw talent. Just watch out for the next album because people haven’t seen what they are capable of. Go see them Live if you get a chance. They definitely break the Metal mold and explore new territory.


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