Circus Maximus “Nine” Album Preview

Circus Maximus are among today’s top Power Prog bands, fusing the highly creative and the epic into a stylish inspiring modern formula. As I haven’t yet reviewed their former albums, The 1st Chapter and Isolate, let me just say this: each of those releases is pretty much incredible. It’s no wonder then, that CM fans all over the world simply can’t wait to hear the band’s new effort, “Nine” – which will be released on June 1st. For more info on the album and some audio samples, check out the video below.

Yeah I know, the above might be a tad too cheesy for those who are not hardcore fans – but if we put that aside for a moment and concentrate on the music, things sound very promising; You can immediately hear the – to quote – “Poppish” elements this new record will have, which really bring to mind the band’s older fantastic classic, “Arrival of Love”. Pop is just not a bad word when you’re talkin’ 80’s heavy metal vibe, and the samples here sure give off that awesome feel!

“Nine” will definitely be catchy, but don’t be mistaken; These guys are prog metal, and on the later part of this video you can hear them deliver the goods – beautiful melodies woven into intense moments of shred and complex riffs. This healthy balance of sweet melodies & choruses alongside more intricate guitar playing\keys & rhythms is at the center of every Circus Maximus release; and judging from the video, it looks like they will be continuing this tradition of top quality prog metal with the new album!


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