Jolly – Pure Alt\Prog Metal Happiness

Jolly reach past ears and into hearts. Their music and intent are like this indescribable pure energy, arising naturally from within a truthful pursuit where the superficial and superfluous are left behind. Free of these, all efforts go into creating a deep and personal, intimate connection with the listener and in between the instruments.

Call it “Alt”, call it “Prog”, the result is a downright amazing sound, which I don’t ever remember hearing. The band soothes your mind with an ambiance that reminds me a bit of Porcupine Tree and Mew, but they might surpass both with this effect, so dominant it actually reaches a theraputic level. In other words, Jolly loves you!(can’t promise, but that’s their catchphrase!). Check out the track below, and hear the magic happen:

I find “Joy” to be addictive in a pop-like manner, but the truth is, the band’s entire material is filled with infectious, catchy melodies – especially those provided by vocalist Andale’s beautiful voice and phrasing. The song is great for introducing others to the band, after which they can dive in and try more complex, darkly shaped tracks like “Escape from DS-3″:

The only potentially debatable thing I’ve found regarding Jolly is their production, which (my guess)is intentionally very clean and dense in its unity. Does that take away from the music? Personally I think its just differentand very successfull at being that – but let me know your opinion! The music above is off Jolly‘s 2 albums – 46:12 and The Audio Guide To Happiness Part  I, and if like me, you wish to give their music a more in-depth listen, I suggest following themon Facebook. They have a great tracklist there containing my current favorite, the acoustic Still A Dream.


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