Dying Fetus “Reign Supreme” Album Preview

Dying Fetus were and still are one of my favorite acts in the Death Metal genre. While I honestly don’t feel strongly about their recent releases(except for this track, which is freakin’ A), I still eagerly wait for each new album like a kid waiting for christmas. The case is the same with “Reign Supreme”, which will be released on June 16th.

The band has put a preview video online, which contains short parts from each song – watch it here below! Its kinda hard to judge new material this way, but overall it sounds brutal as fuck! the guys have stated that this effort will be a “return to their roots”, and I can kinda hear that, maybe? Love the bit at 1:16, the overall hardcore feel and those insane shreds! I really need to hear the whole album before I can say more, but let me know what you think! Oh and after you check the video, if you’re craving more DF you can read my review of their 99′ masterpiece of american death metal, Killing On Adrenaline.


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