Psychedelic & Stoner Rock\Metal – Part III – Wizards of Kaos, Stoneburner, Red Stoner Sun

Another day of work has passed. The grey skies turn black, and you’re sick of it; they ask how you’re doin’, but you don’t have words no more, thinkin *damn it all to hell*. You buy two beers and head home in the pouring rain. YEP, Time to crank up some Stoner Metal.

Part III of our Stoner\Psychedelic series starts with a band named Wizards of Kaos,  who play first class, pure heavy metal like in the old days. The guitar tone and drums sound very retro, in the vein of Corrosion of Conformity and The Sword with a bit of a Clutch vibe. Most importantly, the vocals really nail the style – making this quite the convincing product. Yes, it’s not something you haven’t heard before, but overall very well executed and I gotta give these guys respect for keeping the genre alive and rocking in 2012.

Stoneburner, which I just ran into on Unhallowed Nation, definitely fit the more sludgy, doom side of metal. The band has already shared a stage with Saint Vitus, Buzzoven and Sleep, and their main riff on “V.L.A” is like a slow creeping dark thing, rising from a swamp of mud & blood:.

Red Stoner Sun play instrumental Stoner\Space rock with a similarity to The:Egocentrics – A continues ride which starts with one idea, and grows and goes..who knows where really? On “Rock’n’roll Gypsy”, the energy and phrases are all really playin’ it low key, making this track a great one to chill out to. Good psychedelic material with a very special aura, containing many subtle qualities.


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