Gremlins – A Hardcore\Sludge Demo

Judging by their name you could mistake them for a power metal band, but as you can read in the title, Boston’s Gremlins combine hardcore and sludge sentiments. To tell the truth, there’s not a lot one can say about a two songs demo that takes exactly two minutes and 59 seconds to listen to, but that is enough time to make an impression with this type of music – don’t you agree? you do! ’cause you’re attention span is zero! haha

The title track below is really a half brooding, half frustrated piece of desperation, summed up shortly – the hardcore fashion. The vocalist has that kind of in-your-face, direct way of saying things; a raw quality which is really a must in this genre.

Bitter ends and sleepless nights,
Agony with no end in sight.
Trapped in this cycle, stuck in routine.
There is nothing left for me.

Besides the vocals, Gremlins‘ music does pack some dynamic songwriting within its constrains of time and style. The second track in this demo, “Atlantic“, is classically divided into a fast and a slow section, something which I can easily see working for the band live.

This demo was released just 8 days ago(April 10th), and can be download for free off the band’s Bancamp page. I Dunno what’s your opinion, but personally I really look forward to hearing new material from these guys!


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