Spyclops – Fear & Hangovers

Spyclops are a punk\metal band with a lot of attitude. They have oldschool punk vocals, and some quite strange lyrical themes, like with the first song on this album, “Tundra”. It actually seems to be talking about two grizzly bears who forgot to “fly south” and are stuck in the arctic. If there’s a metaphor there its all lost to me but the idea is implemented with a funny tone and refreshing musicianship. However, “Ambush By Sandstorm ” is the track which convinced me to write about 2009’s Fear & Hangovers. Its a much more fun, yet in-you-face composition, and the vocals are more consistent:

Like the Bedouins of old !

This group’s bandcamp is definitely worth checking, first for the main image, which is too funny to present here, but they certainly have good material there; so.. its all cool, in a very weird way. Tracks like “Biting On a Baited Hook” show a far from perfect recording quality, but don’t annoy or lose their power because of it, as all instruments are all well played, and the song writing compels you to continue on listening. That’s what matters, in my opinion. If you listen closely, you can hear more than a few influences by your fave metal\rock bands here, like with “La Vengaza“, which is this release’s funky\bluesy piece.

All in All, Fear & Hangovers is a really sweet release for a young band. The clean vocals could have used some improvement, as well as the band’s recording method, but I guess these things are part of this album’s charm. Its flaws make it sound human and colorful, which is something I haven’t heard in a while. I’ll take this over today’s “top artists” any day!


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