King Diamond – Abigail

The Lion’s Daughter, whose music I recently reviewed, have really reminded me of classical horror-themed heavy metal in the vein of King Diamond, and actually got me to once again listen to my personal favorite album of his, 87’s “Abigail”.

I vividly remember it as if it was just yesterday – getting this CD from a friend, and being equally amazed by King’s unique voice and his storytelling ability, which I find to be unrivaled to this day. He really breathes pure eerie darkness into each song, and is joined here by one of my favorite guitarists and his bandmate from Mercyful Fate, Michael Denner. On this album, Him and Andy Laroque have wrote some of the best leads, solos and riffs I’ve ever heard, and those are in unbelievable quantity. The most classic, memorable track here is probably “Mansion In The Darkness”:

Beside the musicianship, Abigail is of course a concept album, and in order to fully appreciate its essence it must be listened to in its entirety. At a glance, the haunting story being told here could be called “classic” as it deals with the common tail of a couple that inherits a haunted mansion. But as the past slowly comes to life, things become much more than morbid and haunting, as the inescapable horror is unraveled, tearing apart the characters’ sanity.

Though the title track is excellent, I think the aforementioned vibe is best demonstrated by “The Possession” – A song that simply resonates with panic, and where King and the band go all out, heavy metal style, while the evil child Abigail tightens in its sinister grip on the characters and listener. Its quite the cliff hanger, tensing things up right before the story is brought to its end and comes full circle, in a sense(I won’t spoil it!).

But it wasn’t love, Oh no
She was possessed…

It is love! This album was released 25 years ago, and I’m still possessed by its timeless quality!


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