Emil Dahl – Short Fuse

As I’ve said  a few months back on my introductory post about Djent, I believe in the potential of this sub-genre, but still find most current modern efforts in this style to be exceptional dull. Luckily, when I do come across something impressive, I always write down the name of the band\artist, and my latest find is guitar player Emil Dahl.

The guy has a proggy Djent\Fusion demo that contains two very interesting instrumentals that demonstrate how this type of music can be more than just angry or dark. His track “Short fuse” is filled with groovy riffs, exquisite soloing, and a calm enchanting aura which is accentuated by clean breaks and piano appreggios. Its a very dynamic composition that brings to the table more than a few ideas – some heavy and some gentle, and they all somehow all fit together in a very organic manner. What an amazing piece! If you happen to have some quality headphones..put them on now! This one is well mixed.

Was that good or what? I do have a small beef with the fast paced part at 2:26, but the rest is just awesome, making this a highly satisfying listen! nearly perfect if I may say. Dahl is only 17 and I can’t wait to hear more of his compositions!


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