deafheaven – Roads To Judah

On “Violet“, deafheaven first create a slow, soothing transition; an evolving thing which lives but is doomed to die, its shadows continuously rising to the surface until the breaking point. The beautiful and the painful merge but cannot remain together for long, and finally clash in a struggle that sends the listener into a real sonic abyss of black metal.

A part of me always wanted to find a band which can convince me that modern day BM can be tasteful, and Deafheaven are the first to do so since Agalloch, by combining BM elements with shoegaze\post-metal. They use these to their advantage, but in a way exist outside of extreme metal. Their idea of music seems to come from a different mindset where sonic landscapes aren’t just black and white in their nature, but far more whole in their meaning and its musical representation.

More than half of this album is more violent than serene, but I choose to focus on the more delicate shoegaze-y tracks, such as “Unrequited“. Its starting riff sounds familiar but obscure, and is weaved into the song surreally. Have a listen:

Roads to Judah was released just last year, but the group has already made a name for themselves, and actually toured with the now popular Alcest. To tell you the truth, I think deafheaven are way better, but that’s just my opinion, take it or leave it. These guys have already announced they’re writing new material, so if you like their stuff you should follow them on Facebook.


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