Chasing Dragons – Take Flight For A Firefight

Chasing Dragons is a hard-rocking heavy metal band which combines the oldschool and the modern, their latest release featuring impressive guitar playing and a great female vocalist!

As you will hear, this release is obviously more mainstream-intended than the usual underrated favorite, but damn, its been a long time since I’ve heard such consistently tasteful guitarwork; heavy riffs, solos and twin guitar leads charge you at every turn in this record, rendering you effectively deaf to its flaws. Its very catchy music which some might call “pop” or metal, yet the band never holds back on the heaviness, making them a great recommendation and one which can appeal both to 80’s\light hard rock fans, modern melodic metal kids, and the old’ heavy metal crowd.

Here are two awesome tracks off the band’s latest EP, “Take Flight For A Firefight“, released just last month, on march 31th:

Let me confess – this type of melodic metal is not usually my thing nowadays, but the material here is so energetic and focused it just grabbed me. Take note that this is only Chasing Dragons‘ first release ; their future looks burning bright, and if you happen to be a melodic metal fan, this gem of an album is definitely worth your time! The only thing I don’t get about this release, is the artwork..its really nice, but made me think this is gonna be some Vampiric DM thing actually, haha!


One thought on “Chasing Dragons – Take Flight For A Firefight”

  1. Totally share your view on this band, and know that there is real musical and lyrical talent just oozing from these guys! Personally can’t wait for their next album, and UK tour…


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