X-Panda – Quality Prog Metal From Estonia

Just so you know, this post is totally not about pandas! and I have no idea why X-Panda has named themselves this way, but they have a sweet prog metal videoclip named “Revelation” which you can watch in this post. Its a very “guilty pleasure” lightweight type of prog if you ask me – filled with cliche`s, from the chugging rhythm guitar to the operatic vocals and the folk violin bit. The video itself is quite cheesy too, but all this supposedly tired thing actually works very well for some reason, and is really enjoyable.

Seems like these guys took everything that’s fun and catchy in the genre, and fitted it together into this track, successfully. No, damn it! that just sounds too easy! no one really pulls off that stuff these days! unless..unless they’ve had some kinda help..but from who? ..who could it be?

Of course! They seem so helpful!

Yes! Now everything makes sense – that is the only sensible solution to this phenonemna! Okay people, prepare yourselves –  here is the first metal song composed by Pandas:

I can’t wait to hear more Panda metal, I mean..X-Panda material. And I’m gonna add X’s to things at random from now on, cause obviously it makes everything 10 times cooler ! I’m off too eat some bamboo now, but I’ll leave you with these animal-friendly links:

The band’s FB page

The band’s bandcamp


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