Tyrant of Death – RE CONNECT

Did you enjoy the previous review of the experimental one man band, Nemertines? Tyrant of Death and them seem to share the same visceral sonic sickness at their core, only these guys take it to another level; a different dimension of bleak heaviness,  if you will.

Released just last month(march 13), RE CONNECT is harsh, alienating music – great for clubbing, that is, if by clubbing you mean drinking until you hate yourself and everyone else, then attempting to kill yourself\others. If you think I’m exaggerating, just check out this piece of this scary as fuck, relentless hybrid of Djent and Industrial below:

As you can hear, this harsh union of genres was fused using a hint of noise. To my ears, most electronic\industrial noise related-music is meaningless, but Tyrant of Death do seem to have a vision which is successful both musically and concept-wise. I find most of the words and screams on this release indecipherable, but with the matrix quotes and general cybernetic\robotic feel, it clearly has to do with the old “Machines VS man” futuristic\post-apocalyptic concept.  RE CONNECT perfectly captures the hopelessness of man being betrayed and enslaved by his own creation. But yeah, the equally important part is that it involves Meshuggah style headbanging!

If you are diehard Meshuggah fan, you should definitely check this next, rhythm-focused track, titled “Fibers of Destruction“:

I usually don’t easily get into industrial music, but have really enjoyed this band’s groove and ambiance. The machines haven’t taken over yet but our world is already more than knee deep in pain and enslavement, and for me, Tyrant of Death mirrors this dark truth perfectly.

Important links you might wanna check out:

The band’s Bandcamp and FB page.


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