The Lion’s Daughter – And Their Masters Bled For Days

Are you tired of the overproduced state of today’s music?  sterile guitar and drums, one dimensional vocals? If so this post is for you. The Lion’s Daughter re-create the long lost old school sound of early DM\BM\with an obscure\horror vibe reminiscent of non other than King Diamond and Deceased. Seems to me like they were quite inspired by that era, and through that inspiration they came up with powerful material that isn’t just a tribute, but has its own different dark(sludgy) taste and purpose. Same goes for the band’s vocalist who has one beast of a voice – a real classic growl, the kind rarely found on post-2000 heavy metal. Seriously-“And Their Masters Bled For Days” is the real thing, guys n’ gals! have a listen:

If you enjoyed this track, you can find the rest of the band’s material on their bandcamp – and why not buy it if you can? “name your price” and all that. You gotta love it when an underrated band rules this much and makes your “fave” popular band look like a joke. Now that I’ve got you pissed off, its a good time to take a look at this album’s murderously awesome album art below; truly the stuff that nightmares are made of.

P.S I’m really interested what the lyrics here are about, and have emailed the band about it. Will update if I get any answer!


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