Alain Caron can slam that bass!

If you read this blog a bit, you should know I dig a lot of offbeat, intricate music, especially when its spiced up with catchy grooves – and that is a pretty approximate description for bassist Alain Caron‘s music. What I love about this guy and his band, is that they make their complex musical efforts sound light and fun..well, at least to some degree. “Slam The Clown” for example, is a very jazzy and funky piece with a circus-like chorus which just grabs you. A lot of improvisation on this track, and just when you think its all over, the real absurdly long bass part begins. A pro or a con? Have a listen below and decide for yourselves!

Honestly, at some point I was feeling something along “please make this end”, but by then I was far in too deep, drawn by the immense tension this endless jam slowly picks up! And when the Sax solo arrives, the built up energy is released in a very climatic ending, making it all worthwhile.. well, at least for those patient listeners!

A more lightweight instrumental which you check below, is “1-4-U“,  off alain’s “Sep7entrion” album. If you have a clue how the guy arrives at these mysterious titles, let me know! (;  Anyway, this is more rock-oriented piece, making it easier on the ears – though it does contain the same amount of cheesy synth hits as in the previous track, which I find to be both awesome and ridiculous. I really like the guitar leads on here and how they interact side by side with the bass lines.

While I don’t love every composition by Alain, I really respect his skill, art, and hope you enjoyed these tunes as I certainly did. Better keep this short, ’cause frankly, me speakin’ about jazz is similar to a fish’s opinion on flying!


One thought on “Alain Caron can slam that bass!”

  1. Hey,
    Stumbled upon this blog entry while checking out some old Caron videos. I’m not fund of 80’s sounding synth fusion jazz, but like you I admire Caron’s immense skill. (Every time I listen to him, I feel like throwing my bass out of the window…)

    “Septentrion” means North in Latin. And “sept” means seven in French. Hence the pun. I don’t know if there is further meaning to it, but it seems he likes replacing letters by numbers. :)


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