Gorod – A Perfect Absolution

A Perfect Absolution is the new album by current top technical death metallers, Gorod. In case you are clueless, these guys have already made a name for themselves with their earlier efforts, Leading Vision and Process of a New Decline. Like many who were amazed by those 2 albums, I was damn curious to hear this new release. Just take a look at the album’s cover art below, and tell me this doesn’t look freakin’ promising!

So, the obvious question is – does the music lives up to the expectations? The answer, overall, is a fu*king yes. Following a quite eerie intro, the listener is instantly thrown into Gorod’s recognizable brand of chaos, which is an endless alternation between hyperactive melodic riffs and groove-focused, punishing ones. The band incorporate pretty much every guitar technique known to man, so it’s a bit futile to try and describe their intricate, genre-bending musicianship, but I will say this: their genius, flexible ability to convincingly variate in style allows them not only to create killer tracks, but to make these genuinely different from each other and therefor memorable(which, put nicely, is not always the case with DM). Great examples for this variation are the melodic & proggy “Carved in the wind”(my personal fave), the all-out brutal “The Axe of God” and “Varangian Paradise”, which is a freak of a mesh made of genres you would not expect to find on a DM record. Intrigued? have a listen below:

Carved In the Wind

Varangian Paradise

I’m still not sure if this album can rival the band’s earlier material, but I think it is miles ahead of other tech DM efforts such as the recent Spawn of Possession – and that should tell you a lot if you are a fan of the genre. This is just my opinion of course, so feel free to comment and tell yours! If you enjoy the band’s music, you can support them, follow them on Facebook, and check some of their older material too!


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