Step In Fluid – One Step Beyond

I was just surfing today when I stumbled on this interesting band named Step In fluid. They play a mix of metal, funk and prog with a mighty groove and a jazzy edge, which all really brings to mind some early Mr. Bungle tunes. I could easily imagine Patton singing & screaming over this music, but since it has no vocals, I’ll sum it up as an offbeat yet infectiously catchy jam, which is very well recorded on their latest album One Step Beyond.

I just love the heavy, smartly syncopated yet chill feel these guys create. You can clearly hear the bass, and the guitar solos are beautifully tasteful, leaving you both impressed and weirded out! this release contains 8 tracks, and you can check out two of them below. If you happen to enjoy these, you can of course find the band on Facebook, and support them!

Vicious Connection



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