Iron Mask – Neo-Classical Shred & Power Metal

Iron Mask play Neo-Classical Power Metal with a touch of keyboards. In case you’re wondering, yes, that means much shred is at hand. However, even guitar wizard Dushan Petrossi knows that before flashy skills, good power metal first requires good song writing – and that’s where these guys really shine. Their songs have some really memorable verses and choruses, so when that gorgeous solo arrives, it accentuates an already powerful track, and the result is epic!

Beside the musicianship, what really made me enjoy Iron Mask is vocalist Goetz Mohr. His performance on 2005’s Hordes of The Brave” is an amazing mix of melody and aggression, as you can hear in the track below(“Freedom’s Blood”). The man brings incredible energy to every song, and I actually prefer his type of voice over current replacement Mark Boals(Yngwie Malmsteen, Empire) :

I have to admit I’m not the avid power metal fan I used to be, but Iron Mask have shown me this genre still has what to offer. They excel at what they do, and have set a high a standard for bands looking to succeed in this genre. Oh and.. if by any chance you are a neo-classical shred fan, you should check out this sweet instrumental piece off the band’s first album – “Morgana’s Castle“:


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