Katatonia – Dance of December Souls

Dance of December Souls. What can one say about such an album? a release that speaks for itself, or rather, screams – of sorrow and pain in their rawest form. There is a sense of doom enveloped in here, as if an eulogy is taking place – Each guitar lead is a distant, echoing lament, and each riff leads the listener further and deeper into melancholy and loss. Katatonia have always created bleak and morbid music, but I think their more modern, later material lacks the primal, obscure quality which resonates off this 93′ effort.

It must be mentioned that the material here is not just very depressive, but musically varied, and includes much more than one plodding riff. There’s a tasteful usage of keys and acoustic guitars parts thrown in between those long song structures..and yet, you cannot avoid the sombre picture painted by sad, epic lyrics such as In silence enshrined through ages, a dying beauty on a journey far”. This might sound paradoxical, but to truly enjoy this music and “get it” on a deeper level, I guess you need to have some amount of suffering in you. That should tell you a lot about “Dance..”, and whether its for you or not.

All tracks on this album are excellent and different from each other, from the endless distress in “Tomb of Insomnia” to the godless existentialism of “Without God“.. and if all that sounds too negative to you, consider that there is a lot of love, longing, and hope on this album. It’s just all dead.


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