A Progressive Journey – RXYZYXR

It’s not always this easy to recommend a band who’s name you can’t pronounce, but RXYZYXR are totally worth it. They play math\prog metal which you may label as “Djent” if you want, but to my ears, sounds very different from your average trendy chug-a-long going on these days. What sets these guys apart from the rest? Well, instead of just going ’round rambling about being influenced by Meshuggah, they actually implement that hypnotic, uber-heavy style of riffage that the aforementioned band has invented. You won’t find no melodic metalcore bullshit in this concentrated worship of odd time signatures and down-tuned guitars!

Having said all that, I don’t mean to imply that RXYZYXR’s music lacks variation or is totally void of melody. While they started off as an instrumental band, the band’s newer track, “Denial of Death“, features both harsh and clean vocals, and also a trumpet solo. Yes, that’s right! a freakin’ trumpet solo! If you’re not excited yet, you’re obviously experiencing some sort of denial (; check out this epic track now!

Personally I think the vocals are great, but if you want to hear how these guys sounded before they evolved into the beast in the above video, check out this older track, “Orgazmic Ceiling“. It’s not any less awesome, and actually features Ashton Kutcher on drums! Ok that last bit is a lie and a joke which I read in the comments of the video, but one thing’s for sure – this drummer is excellent.

I’m highly impressed by RXYZYXR, and can’t wait for them to release a new track..or better – a full length album. if you feel the same, I recommend following them on Facebook !


3 thoughts on “A Progressive Journey – RXYZYXR”

  1. I have great respect for your music, esp. instrumentally. I actually find it soothing. But I do not care for the new growling vocals. I don’t like “angry”, just complex. I hope that as you have decided to go this route, you would also mix versions of the new tracks with no growling/yelling vocals for us old foggies who just loved your instrumental sound.


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